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Easter Dinner

Posted: 04/23/15

Easter Dinner

Restaurant: none

dre: We went over to my parents' house for Easter dinner and as usual, they made a lot of yummy food!

Starting with a rib roast, this cut of meat was rib steak. The meat was very tender and juicy and delicious!

We also had some ribs. I wonder what the difference is, because when I make ribs, the meat falls off the bone when I try to cut it up. I like their version, where I can hold the bone and eat the rib. I think they do not wrap the rib up in foil as how I do it and slather it with BBQ sauce. Next time, I will try a salt and pepper rub and see how that turns out.

Here is an Asian dish - mushrooms, veggies, and shrimp.

Sweet potatoes

Peas and corn

And this is actually a lasagna. I think my dad left it uncovered for too long, so the top is burnt haha


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