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Lucky Season

Posted: 04/10/15

Lucky Season

Restaurant: Lucky_Season Richmond_Hill

Nelson: This is a busy Dim Sum restaurant in at Commerce Gate in Richmond Hill. I wonder if almost all Dim Sum restaurants are pretty busy during weekends in Richmond Hill/Markham. My guess is yes. Instead of prices I'm going to list the size of the dim sum dish which is associated with the price as follows: Small is $2.60, Medium is $3.20, Large is $4.00, XL is $4.20 and SP is $5.00.

This is the deep fried taro dumplings (M) which I enjoy but for some reason I find not that popular with the people I typically eat this with. I may have something to do with my love of taro.

This innocuous looking dessert is a durian puff pastry (M). I'm always a little annoyed how dessert comes to the table at Dim Sum early in the parade of dishes. Then you have to sit there staring at it while it gets cold and trying to resist eating it while waiting for everything else to arrive. Once I ate it, I found that it was amazing! The insides are flavoured custard and it didn't have overpowering durian taste (or smell) but enough was there to make it pleasantly flavoured. Nice!
Preserved egg with meat congee (S). Eh, not my favourite.
Siu Mai (M) were typical.
Steamed Rice roll with spring roll(M). This wasn't the typical one as they had a spring roll inside! Interesting variation, but ultimately not as good as the dough fritter.
Deep fried bean curd skin roll with shrimp (M). This was amazing with a crisp outside and lots of delicious shrimp on the inside.
Steamed shrimp dumplings (L). Didn't realize this is more expensive than siu mai.
Pan fried turnip cake with preserved meat (S). This is only good when dipped into some sort of sauce (usually the "red" spicy one).
Steamed chicken on rice with black mushroom (XL). This one could have used more toppings.
Steamed chicken feet with special sauce (S). The sauce is what makes this dish as otherwise you are just eating skin.
Sticky rice with meat in lotus leaf (L).
My favourite, steamed BBQ pork buns (S).
Rice roll with BBQ pork (M).

Overall a pretty regular Dim Sum variety with nothing unique to make it stand out except for the durian puff pastry, and you have to like durian to enjoy that one.

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