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Asian Legend - Fermenting tofu!

Posted: 04/06/15

Asian Legend - Fermenting tofu!

Restaurant: Asian_Legend North_York

Nelson: The biggest chain for Northern Chinese cuisine in Toronto, they must be doing something right because they keep on expanding. I enjoy coming here for a different variety of Chinese food besides the typical Cantonese style restaurants that are so prevalent in Toronto.

Let's start with the sesame biscuit stuffed with beef ($10.90). This can be really good and or bad depending on how moist it is. This one was excellent and I love how everything complements each other from the cucumber to the beef to the hoisin sauce to the crunchy biscuit. One of my favourite dishes to order here.

What trip here would be complete without an order of soup filled dumplings (xiao long bao, $11.90). Quite good here and another must order.
Braised Beef noodle soup ($8.95) is another typical dish to order here, but this one is tough to share in a large group setting. The flavour of the stock is what makes this dish.
This sizzling sauteed beef plate ($13.95) was very generously portioned, but the meat was a little tendony. It was still tender overall, but that was likely because of tenderizer. I really enjoyed the sweet peppers that went with it.
Snow pea shoots (diao miao) and garlic in soup ($13.95). Now the veggies are great in this dish, but my favourite part of this dish the whole roasted garlic. But unfortunately the garlic wasn't completely cooked and really took away from the joy of eating them whole. If they were cooked right, I would love this dish.
Green Onion pancake with egg ($3.95). This had a lot of green onion which is a good thing and actually tasted very similar to the version I make at home regularly.
This is general tao chicken ($11.95) which was good because the sauce was tangy and sweet, but the chicken had a tad too much batter for my liking.
This is Moo Shu pork ($10.95) with 2 servings of pancakes ($0.60 each portion). It was alright, and I ended up having two, so maybe I liked it more than most others.
This is a dish I've never had before! This is soy bean soup ($2.95), which is basically fermented tofu. It is very sour and it suppose to be like that. Personally I'm not a big fan of this dish as my taste buds thinks this is rotting.
Vegetable dumplings ($6.50) are not my favourite in general, but these were some of the better ones I've ever had.
This is an braised eggplant dish with chili and garlic ($10.95). It was great with good flavours and was pleasantly surprised with this dish.

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