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St. Louis Wings

Posted: 04/03/15

St. Louis Wings

Restaurant: St_Louis_Bar_and_Grill

dre @stlouiswings: We came here for lunch because we got some coupons in the mail for BOGO wings. I haven't been here in a long time and looked forward to eating some delicious wings.

In order to get the BOGO wings, we had to order a "large drink". I don't know what constitutes as a large drink. I know that they definitely want you to order alcohol. Is coffee considered a large drink? I ended up getting a very flat 7-up, and later asked to switch to iced tea, because the flat 7-up was too gross.

The wing sauce we got were Lemon Pepper and Mississippi Honey BBQ. They were both good, but the best part of the meal were their fries. Yummy yum yum!


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