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The Host

Posted: 04/04/15

The Host

Restaurant: Mississauga The_Host

Nelson @Hostgroup: The Host is a well known Indian restaurant in the GTA, probably with a reputation of higher end Indian dining. A nice setting with perhaps a little more expense, but higher quality food with nice presentation.

Let's start with the included papadum, which I always find too salty for my personal taste. Almost every single Indian restaurant I go to, I find it too salty. The sauces that are served with it make it much more palatable, and my favourite is the tamirind sauce that adds a bit of sweetness. The minty green sauce is only soso for me personally.

We decided to go for some variety and order the Mila Zula, a mixed shareable platter of appetizers including vegetable samosa, sabudana aloo tikki, chicken lollipop and lamb galouti kebab ($12.95). Great presentation for this dish, but it is a bit difficult to share despite being advertised as such on the menu. From the bottom right, the lamb was really soft and not too gamey, so I really enjoyed it. It was like a lamb meatball with some spices, but the texture was a tad strange. Kitty couldn't handle the amount of lamb in this dish, but so I gladly ate her portion.

The vegetable samosas were decent and sharable for two people. The rice cake (sabudana aloo tikki) in the top left was not flavourful but had the texture of rice cakes. I didn't like it that much.

The chicken lollipop was truly its namesake as the batter increased the size of the chicken to a very round shape. Personally I thought there was too much batter and not enough chicken unfortunately. The sauce seemed like a simple thai sweet chili, but I'm not absolutely sure what was used. These have great potential to be really amazing, but not quite there yet.

Kitty loves eggplant, so we ordered Baigan Patiala, eggplant tempered with onion seeds and fresh herbs ($11.95). This was amazing! The eggplant was cooked perfectly and this specific mix of ingredients came together wonderfully combining a great variety of flavours. It was cooked well too, with the eggplant not too mushy or saucy either, with just a tad bit too much oil if anything.

The garlic naan is one of my favourite things to order at Indian restaurants, and the one at The Host is great. Strong garlic taste, which I love really came stood out. I don't want to know the calorie count for this, especially when compared to the plain version, but I thought it was well worth ordering and eating. Really good.

Knowing how filling Indian food can be, we didn't order too much and not too much meat and this ended up being just the right amount of food for us. Good food here if you are in the mood for some classy Indian cuisine, but it is a tad pricier.

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