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Thai Signature

Posted: 04/02/15

Thai Signature

Restaurant: Mississauga Thai_Signature

Nelson: In the Port Credit area and without knowledge of the local restaurants, I relied on Urbanspoon's ratings. This turned out well. This Thai restaurant is nicely decorated inside and pretty busy too.

These are the basil pad Thai noodles ($10.95) with rice noodles, green onions, chili, basil, tofu, beansprouts and grounded peanuts. It thankfully didn't have the typical ketchup-like sauce some restaurants use, but instead it tasted more like a Chinese dish. It was unexpectedly spicy, which I quite enjoyed. A bit different from the typical pad Thai dish, but still yummy.

Pineapple curry with red curry, fresh pineapple, sweet peppers and coconut milk ($11.95). It wasn't that spicy despite it being red curry and actually more sweet than spicy. I was disappointed that it had canned pineapple instead of fresh pineapple and overall this dish was not as good as I was hoping.
The fragrant rice comes in a star shape :)
Green Curry with coconut milk, long beans, bamboo shoots, broccoli, sweet peppers and sweet basil leaves. This had a wonderful, full flavour with the coconut and spice coming through nicely. Great dish.
Lastly is a seafood fried rice ($11.95) with crab paste, green onions, diced vegetables and white onions. The rice was thoroughly infused with seafood flavour and it was very very strong. The crab sauce is really flavourful and powerful and I wonder if I can find this sauce in the supermarket. The seafood sprinkled throughout was a bit lacking, except for the delicious shrimp.

Overall they served the food very quickly and with great service. The restaurant was full of white people and seemed pretty popular overall. The flavours here are quite strong in a good way and I enjoyed my meal here.

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