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Posted: 03/31/15


Restaurant: Kayagum

Nelson: This 24 hour Korean restaurant is right on Yonge and entices customers with large glass windows and the fact that is is full of patrons. You know this place caters to Koreans because the waiters only know how to speak Korean.

The banchan include kimchi, potato salad and seafood flour pancake. I really like their kimchi here as it tastes fresh (as much as kimchi can taste fresh) and a bit sweet.

We ordered the Wang Donkatsu ($13.95) which is deep fried pork cutlet. It was breaded well and nicely crispy with lots of sauce on top. The sauces tasted similar to thousand island and tartar. Bread pork cutlets is one of my favourites and this dish did not disappoint.
One of the best dishes at Korean restaurants is pork belly or Goongjung Bossam ($16.95) with napa wraps, kimchi with sliced steamed pork. Look how big those pieces of meat are...they are bigger than the napa! It was a very meaty dish, but also a little plain tasting despite the fat. Adding the sweet/spicy radish added more flavour along with the sauce, garlic and peppers.
Beef Dolsot Bibim Bap ($9.95) with assorted vegetables, marinated beef, egg with special sauce on the rice in a stone bowl. This one was really good and came out hot with a crisp layer of rice on the bottom. The beef was slightly tough, but otherwise it was delicious.

I can see this restaurant being popular with the after club/karaoke crowd, serving Korean staples at all hours of the day.

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