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D & S Wedding

Posted: 03/29/15

D & S Wedding

Restaurant: Palais_Royale Toronto

Nelson @PalaisRoyaleTO: Great spot for wedding, the ceremony location looks out over the lake. Beautiful. The only downside are the swarms of mosquitoes in the parking lot. Let's start with the awesome wedding cake, showing off the two different cities the couple come from. And then on top are their philosophical differences between Apple and Android. Haha!
The appetizers floating around predinner included these delicious shrimp and pineapple grilled skewers, oily spring rolls (not pictured) and scallop and water chestnut wrapped in bacon. The scallop one was my favourite and it was excellent.
The bread service, which means a western style dinner....right?
Nope! There are shrimp chips as well! This is going to be a hybrid meal! We had considered this ourselves but didn't, so it was interesting to see how this meal turned out. Shrimp chips are popular with everyone and it was great fun eating these.
This is an appetizer of nasi biryani and beef rendang. It was quite buttery and the rice was really soft, when normally I usually have it and it is a bit tougher. Beef rendang is one of my favourite Malaysian dishes, but there was so little that I hardly got a taste of it.
You can kinda see the roast pork in the background of the previous photo, but here's a closer shot. It was good, but I like to have a bit more skin.
This is the pickled watermelon and scallion salad, where the watermelon was too sour for me and thus made the dish unenjoyable. It was a bit weird too as there was green onion and a sour salad dressing as well.
This is a laksa soup with pretty good flavour. I could tell the seafood was from a frozen variety pack and tasted as such which diminished this dish a tad. Still, I enjoyed the flavours in this dish.
I think this was a vegetarian tofu/vegetable mix. I didn't have any because I ate the meat...
This is the Hive Honey and Saffron chicken supreme (Ayam Masak Merah) with steamed asian greens, choy sum, baby bok choy, mustard greens, sesame roasted fingerling potato. Of the breast had the wing bone sticking out of it. Surprisingly the chicken was moist and the flavour really good as well, and way better than any typical chicken dish at large events. The flavours were not too heavy, but lent just enough taste to make it a unique preparation, which is tough to do with chicken in general. The rest of the dish like the potato and bok choy weren't that good, but the chicken was amazing and made up for it. Still couldn't quite believe they were able to make chicken in large quantities and do it properly. Kudos.
Here is the inside of the wedding cake.
Some desserts from the after dinner dessert buffet.
Creme brule in an Asian soup spoon.
I think these are malaysian, coloured/flavoured jello.
The dessert was Rojak with spicy fresh fruit and vegetable salad. It is a Malaysian dish, but it reminded me of a sago Cantonese dessert. It was ok.
This is a really neat idea, a shaved ice station with lot's of different ingredients. I like the idea, but I didn't like the toppings that much and the shaved ice was just plain unflavoured ice. Lot's of potential here but would have been amazing with shaved flavoured ice.
As if the night didn't have enough food, there was pulled pork poutine to finish the night. I was absolutely stuffed.
Yes, a cake pop layered cake. Seriously overboard on the quantity of food. I think everyone went home beyond stuffed. All the dishes had an interesting Asian twist to them and even though not every dish was successful I thought it really made for a unique evening of food that was better than the typical (Western) wedding food.


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