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Tasty Kitchen

Posted: 03/25/15

Tasty Kitchen

Restaurant: Mississauga Tasty_Kitchen

Nelson @Mississauga: HK style diner in Missisauga starts with the drink. I think we go Horlicks and HK milk tea alongside our regular tea. HK people seem obsessessed with these types of drinks, but not having grown up with them I'm fairly indifferent myself.
The meal starts with a simple soup.
Instead of opting for the "fusion" dish, I opted for a completely Chinese dish, which is a pork dish with a lot of black fungus. Almost too much black fungus and not enough pork in this dish.
Kitty went for a "fusion" dish of baked bolognaise with egg on rice ($6.99). The addition of the fried egg on top is nice, but otherwise to me an unremarkable dish. Kitty liked it I believe.


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