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& Company Resto Bar

Posted: 03/23/15

& Company Resto Bar

Restaurant: And_Company_Resto_Bar Mississauga

Nelly & Dre @AndCoRestoBar: We were invited back here to try out &Company Resto Bar's new menu and we were looking forward to it all week since the previous visit was fun.

DISCLOSURE: This meal was provided free of charge to promote &Company Resto Bar's new chef and menu.

Let's start with this amazing looking appetizer that doesn't look like it, but is actually a poutine. Duck Confit Poutine ($18): Hand-cut Russet chips topped with Brome Lake duck leg confit, marinated curds, tarragon gravy and onion crisps. I would say this is almost a deconstruction as the ingredients weren't really mixed together. There were generous amounts of duck confit which went well with the gravy, but the curds weren't as melty as I like. I think dre appreciated that though. It was ok overall in taste, but looked amazing. (dre: I'm not a big fan of poutine, but these were not so bad because the cheese could be easily picked off :) There was a generous amount of meat, and I liked the large cut fries, but I found the fries a little bland.)

Smoked Pork Nachos ($13): in-house smoked Ontario pork with oven-roasted tomato salsa, crisp lettuce and cilantro crema. This was my favourite appetizer as it was really smokey and had a lot of delicious flavour. Everything worked together in this dish and I really enjoyed it! (dre: This was my favourite appetizer as the meat, salsa, and crunchy chip all blended well together. This dish was extremely easy to share as there were individual chips. I like how each chip was loaded, because when you normally get a plate of nachos, sometimes you would get a chip with no toppings!)
Crispy Thai Calamari ($15): flash-fried calamari with pickled vegetable salad and green curry coconut veloute. This was my second favourite appetizer as the calamari was fried expertly so that they were not too oily and the calamari was most importantly not overcooked. I can't emphasize how important this is for calamari and how many restaurants mess this up. Good job here though. The sauce was good too adding an unexpectedly pleasant flavour to this dish. I'm surprised I haven't had this combo before! (dre: The calamari texture was very good, though I found the sauce a tad too sour for me.)
Jumbo Tempura Shrimp ($21): Lime tempura with seasonal vegetables and rice wine vinegar. The picture doesn't do justice the absolute jumboness of these shrimp. They were some of the biggest I've ever seen. That was the best part of this dish, but otherwise there wasn't much flavour or crispiness in this preparation. The vinegar based sauce was an interesting match perhaps to complement the lime, but I had difficulty tasting it. It was a lot of fun scarfing down this jumbo shrimp though! (dre: I don't think I've ever seen such large shrimps at a non-Asian restaurant before and these were very jumbo! Too bad there were only three in the dish as it seemed expensive for $7/shrimp.)
Salmon Wellington ($25): Filet with light puff pastry, sweet corn puree, fresh buttered Ontario seasonal vegetables and red wine jus. I don't think I've ever seen a salmon wellington before and this was definitely unique and interesting to me. The salmon flavour really came out and the pastry was pleasantly crisp. The sauce was also really good, but I didn't get a chance to try the corn puree as the service was almost too good and took away the finished dishes promptly. (dre: I'm not a big salmon fan, but I do like puff pastry! Even better is saucy puff pastry, so I enjoyed this dish.)
This is a look inside in case you were curious.
Chicken Parmigiana ($24): Panko crusted Ontario chicken, marinated bocconcini and San Marzano tomato sauce with egg papardelle. Although good, sometimes it is a little boring to order a chicken parm and we almost didn't. I'm glad we did as this was surprisingly an amazing chicken parm. The chicken was crunchy and well breaded and not drowning in tomato sauce or cheese. The pasta was really fresh and tasty too. An unexpectedly great unassuming dish. (dre: This was my favourite main dish. I really liked the breading a lot and the sauce was really tasty. I also have a soft spot for pappardelle pasta, so that just brought the dish over the top for me!)
USDA Striploin ($36): In-house dry aged 10 oz. steak with Ontario goat cheese scalloped potatoes, ratatouille vegetables and veal jus. They did a good job cooking this as the steak had a really nice smokey flavour to it with a great exterior full of the malliard reaction. The scalloped potatoes were great as well and the ratatouille was alright. The meat was rightfully the star of this dish. (dre: Yes, the best part of this dish was the steak. It was juicy and done well to my liking.)
Hickory Smoked Burger ($27): 8 oz AAA beef patty stuffed with hickory smoked mozzarella, topped with crisp bacon, sunny side egg, rustic tomato ketchup, and lemon aioli, Fred's brioche bun with a side of root chips and signature dip. First things first and that is to remember that this is a $27 burger. Way more than most. I think they priced it as an 8 oz steak but in burger form. The most distinctive thing about it is that the meat is so incredibly soft and tender with a cheesy middle. It was so soft that it reminded me more of a meatball sandwich rather than a burger. It was much tastier than a meatball though. The bacon was nice and thick and I love egg on a burger. I really enjoyed it, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't order a $27 burger normally. (dre: I got the half of the burger with the egg yolk and it exploded deliciously in my mouth. I liked how was loaded with toppings and the burger was very juicy.)
Espresso Vanilla Beignets ($11): nutmeg sugar dusted vanilla doughnuts with espresso creme anglaise. The beignets were well fried and dusted nicely, but the star of this dessert is the sauce. The flavour was explosive and if you like coffee this is the one to order. (dre: This dish was really good to share as it came with a generous number of doughnuts.)
Brownie Banana Split ($12): Dark chocolate brownie with banana spring roll, seasonal berry compote, ice cream and sorbet.This looks really impressive, almost too nice to eat. I liked the fried banana part of it and I liked the brownie as well. The different ice creams complicates this already busy dish, but it is bound to have something for everybody. (dre: My favourite part was the brownie! Like Nelson said, it was a very busy dish, but I enjoyed all the parts.)

Overall a great meal with some really inventive and flavourful dishes. The service was super attentive, the paired red wine very nice and the restaurant interior was beautiful. A good choice for dinner before going out and conveniently this place turns into a club at night!

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