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Still Looking for a Decent Kids Meal at The Keg

Posted: 03/24/15

Still Looking for a Decent Kids Meal at The Keg

Restaurant: Brampton The_Keg

dre: I'm still on the hunt for a decent kid's meal at The Keg. So far, the chicken fingers and grilled chicken were disappointing so this time we decided to try what The Keg does best - beef!

As per all kid's meals, they start with a veggie and fruit plate. And as usual, Kristen ate the strawberries and oranges and left the celery.

We ordered her the sliders. I've seen sliders on the appetizer menu in the bar and these are probably the same ones. I found them quite fatty for a toddler's consumption and I don't think Kristen loved them as she only ate half of one slider. Or perhaps she got full from eating all the fries!

I took her ice cream dessert, but she came back and wanted it when she saw the strawberry sauce on top :)

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  • So Kristen is not following Mike's apple obsession but instead it is strawberries?
    Nelson @ 2015-03-24
  • Yes, strawberries are her favourite. Apples are Mike's, and blueberries are mine. So there is no fighting over fruits in this house! We will see what Lauren likes...but so far it's bananas. Though, that's the only fruit she's had. haha.
    dre @ 2015-03-25

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