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Metro's Salzburg and Hunter

Posted: 03/21/15

Metro's Salzburg and Hunter

Restaurant: Kitchener Metro

Nelson: Still my favourite place in Kitchener, the schnitzels here are the best. This time I decided to try some different ones, but first the apps.

With dinner comes garlic bread along with the soup or salad. Here is the creamy broccoli soup that was delicious. I like how the soup is overflowing :)

The salads here a good as there is a lot of meat on top. The real bacon and creamy Caesar dressing make for a good, but unhealthy salad.
This is the Salzburg schnitzel ($17.95) topped with fried onions, mushrooms and cheese. This one is great if you like cheese. The home fry potatoes and apple sauce complete this meal. I think you can guess who ordered this dish.
This is the Hunter Schnitzel ($17.95) with sauteed vegetables in a red wine sauce. The sauce was saltier than I expected and not too many vegetables. I think I prefer other ones with more toppings. The buttery mashed potatoes are always excellent here. I had a side of coleslaw to complete my meal.

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