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Koo Koo Chicken

Posted: 03/15/15

Koo Koo Chicken

Restaurant: Koo_Koo_Chicken Mississauga

Nelson: An authentic Taiwanese restaurant in Mississauga is unexpected. And it's good? Wow. Koo Koo Chicken specialize in the breaded fried chicken cutlets that you can find at the Taiwanese night markets. But let's start with these chicken bites. Almost a mini version of the huge cutlets, these bites have almost more batter than chicken! Regardless, the batter is delicious making these chicken bites addictive.
A great thing about this place are the shaker toppings available. Kitty likes to put everything on everything, but there are specific ones for certain items. For the fried chicken there is a spicy one, curry and black pepper. There are also seaweed flakes, plum and lemon pepper presumably for other foods.
This is a Taiwan Steamed bun sandwich (2 for $5.65) or Gua Bao (). With soy sauce braised pork that is very very tender and flavourful inside alongside lettuce, chinese pickles and peanuts and cilantro, this is a great combination of flavours that is unlike anything else. The steam bun holds it all together lending even more softness to everything. Delicious!
With our 3 chicken steak, 1 fry and 2 bubble tea combo ($21.99), these are the bubble teas. Fun logo, right?
They had a oyster omelet special going on when we were there. It wasn't very good unfortunately and I'm not sure exactly why.
The glorious chicken steaks! They are cut up into smaller pieces to making eating easy. Do you see that breading that is fried to perfection? The breading is salty, a bit spicy and definitely crunchy. This is some good fried chicken and it is Taiwanese! Yum!

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