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Medieval Times and Ticket Giveaway!

Posted: 03/13/15

Medieval Times and Ticket Giveaway!

Restaurant: Medieval_Times Toronto

Nelly & Dre @MedievalTimes #MTTFAN #MEDIEVALTIMESTORONTO: Medieval Times has been on my to do list for a while. Horses, swords, jousting and food? Sounds like an awesome combination. Upon entering, the bar area has lots to see with displays of weapons, horses, gifts and alcohol. After a bit of pre-dinner picture taking and entertainment from a knight, everyone was seated in the arena. The arena is quite large with leveled stadium seating all around providing good views. The tables are efficiently designed so that your server move freely in front of every table without getting in the way. Then the show begins.

DISCLOSURE: This ticket and meal was provided free of charge to promote Medieval Time's Spring BOGO offer.

I don't want to give away too much away from the show itself, but it is quite entertaining. There is a bit of a story that is told throughout the evening and gives a reason for all the festivities. The horses are beautiful and perform some neat tricks. The knights perform some feats of skill to show off their knight abilities. Then there is the jousting and fighting. More on that in a bit.

Since this is a food blog, let's see what you'll be served. To start, tomato bisque and garlic bread are served. Grasping that heavy bowl by the handle was quite the satisfying experience. Water and Pepsi are served alongside the meal, although there is bar service as well. (Dre: Our wench (server) was probably no taller than 5'2" and she impressively lugged huge trays of food to serve everyone in our section. That is a workout!!)
To simulate the 11th century, no utensils were provided to lend an air of authenticity. We were served our baby dragons that the server said tasted surprisingly like chicken. I enjoyed the novelty of this experience and not having to worry about tearing into the roasted chicken with my hands. Half a chicken is a generous portion size and it was pretty tasty. The dark meat was juicy and the white a tad dry, but the skin was nicely flavoured. The corn was my favourite as it was buttery, sweet, salty and juicy. Not sure how they made it so good! (Dre: The corn was described pretty accurately - sweet, salty and buttery all at the same time! I also enjoyed the chicken and smartly only ate it with one hand... leaving my other hand clean! It's a skill, you know...haha )
The pastry of the castle is an apple strudel. I'm guessing this was Mike's favourite part of the meal. (Dre: I don't know if I'm biased, but the strudel wasn't anything super fantastic, but Mike likes anything apple, so this satisfied him. The strudel was a bit hard, I found and reminded me a bit like a larger version of McDonald's apple pie, though there is nothing wrong with that!)
Those are actual sparks produced during some of the sword fighting. They really wail on each other with different weapons and I can imagine painful brusing is prevalent. The jousting was fun to watch as well with the riders (seemingly) dangerously jumping from their galloping horses.

Perhaps Medieval Times' best idea is that they involve the audience into the evening by assigning a knight to each seating section. You can't help but to raucously cheer on your knight to victory. This part of the evening really makes it fun beyond just the spectacle of the show. It was definitely an entertaining and fun evening out. Medieval Times is running a Buy One Get One Free promotion this spring that makes the evening a really good deal considering you are getting food AND entertainment. The cost is lower than the bill would be from a nice restaurant!

(Dre: Definitely take a look around the gift shop as there as displays of swords, shields, goblets, and lots of interesting items to buy. I'm sure once my kids get older and come here, they will be whining for a sword. Or maybe realistically a princess hat and a light twirler.)

Want to know what's an even better deal? We're giving away 4 free tickets to Medieval Times! All you have to do is follow BiteMe on twitter and tweet us with why you want to go with the hashtags #mttfan #medievaltimestoronto. We'll randomly draw a winner in a few days, good luck!

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  • I too ate the chicken skillfully with only one hand....gotta be able to take pictures!
    Nelson @ 2015-03-13

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