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Is Montana's still my favourite?

Posted: 03/07/15

Is Montana's still my favourite?

Restaurant: Brampton Montanas_Cookhouse

dre @MontanasRibs: We came here for some All You Can Eat ribs, since they serve them every night, instead of just Wednesdays! To my dismay, they no longer have the Chicken and Waffle dishes anymore. I hope they bring them back!!!!

Since it was a Tuesday, kids eat free, so I asked Kristen what she wanted to eat. She said, "Ribs!" I don't even know if she's even had ribs before. It's the most expensive dish ($9.99) on the kids' menu, and I figure if she doesn't like them, then I can eat the ribs! Sure enough, she thought they were too spicy, and proceeded to eat all of the fries instead.

I ordered the next best thing, which is the Firecracker Burger. This burger with all the fixin's is so tasty! I love the crispy onion rings and crispy jalapeño topped off with a sweet chipotle sauce.

Mike got the AYCE ribs. The first serving was a full rack. The second refill was not much smaller. The third refill was 3 ribs, but by that time, he was so full. We tried a couple of the sauces - Texas Bold, Apple Butter (my preference), Pomegranate Jalapeño (sweet and spicy), and Cracked Black Peppercorn (weird for ribs).

Now that they don't have chicken waffles anymore, I'm not sure how often we would come back to Montana's now...


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