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Happy Jade

Posted: 03/06/15

Happy Jade

Restaurant: Happy_Jade Mississauga

Nelson: Besides being on the east side of Mississauga, Happy Jade is usually good value. This is set meal is only $42.99! We start with the Chinese soup, which is actually mentioned on the menu. Sometimes this is free.
We start with soy sauce chicken (half and a big half at that). Strangely it included a dark and light skin one with dark and white meat respectively. I like how it includes the green onion/ginger sauce which I love. I like starting a meal this way.
We upgraded this fish from the deep fried filet with sweet and sour sauce to a steamed live fish for $10. I think this was well worth it and we got a pretty good one.
The vegetables were ok.
Double lobster is included in this meal! They were a bit small, but tasty and well cooked. Overall nothing special in terms of food here, but at least it's good value.

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