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Korean Blood Sausage, Liver and Stomach

Posted: 02/24/15

Korean Blood Sausage, Liver and Stomach

Restaurant: Oh_Geul_Boh_Geul Toronto

Nelson: This is one of my regular #Korean restaurants. A nice thing about this restaurant is the plentiful banchan (Korean appetizers). They even have the fish paste pancake for free!
Here are even more banchan that didn't fit into the first picture!
The ever popular chap chae or Korean glass potato noodles are a crowd favourite, but not my personal favourite in general. This version was ok from the little I had.
Seafood pancake is good here and thinner than other places, but not necessarily for the worse. At least this one is precut and we don't have to struggle at the table cutting this ourselves. One of my favourite Korean dishes, I hear from a friend that you can buy the pancake mix from the store and make it at home!
Spicy rice cakes. Korean rice cakes always remind me of drinking soju, but this is dinner time. They were quite spicy, but as you can tell from the picture, the portion was quite small. I arrived too late to record the costs of each dish, so maybe the size is reflected in the cost of this dish.
Noodles with black bean sauce. I always find this a bit salty and always seem to end up with way more topping than noodle. Is this normal Koreans?
We decided to try a new Korean dish called MoDeum SoonDae. Might be hard to tell from the picture, but this is blood sausage with liver and stomach on the side. Basically all of the off cuts. The blood sausage tasted like ones I've had before and it was ok. I think you are suppose to dip it in the reddish salt that came with it. The liver and stomach I did not like. It didn't seem to be flavoured in any way, perhaps just a light cooking or smoking resulting in really dry pieces. I suppose you have to like these sort of cuts to enjoy this dish. I'm glad we tried something new, but in this case it didn't pay off.

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