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Miso Grouper

Posted: 02/22/15

Miso Grouper

Restaurant: none

Nelson: I tried to make something different this night, a grouper steak. I don't normally buy this as I typically buy salmon steaks, but I wanted to try something different. I decided to do a Japanese style preparation and I just happened to have miso, so I look up a Japanese miso based sauce online. The only problem? I didn't have mirin, the classic Japanese sweet cooking wine on hand. I decided to substitute with Chinese rice wine instead. I'll blame that for this sauce not turning out very well. I don't think I had the right proportions and perhaps I reduced it for too long, but it came out way too thick and almost gummy. The recipe called for sugar as well and maybe I added too much. I could hardly taste the miso instead it was drowned out by alcohol and sugar which may sound good, but it wasn't. So the sauce didn't turn out very well in consistency or taste unfortunately. FAIL.

The grouper steak itself had firm meat that I quite enjoyed, but it also had more bones than what I'm used to and it fell apart a bit as well. I think I prefer cooking salmon steaks in general, but it was interesting trying something else.


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