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Parmigiano Trattoria

Posted: 02/20/15

Parmigiano Trattoria

Restaurant: Parmagiana Toronto

Nelson: An old school Italian restaurant that is full of locals, so they must be doing something right to attract so many regulars. One thing is for sure, the waiter was very helpful and friendly. Everyone here is laid back and sit and enjoy their meal leisurely. Good start.

Here is the bread service which is pretty normal.

This Risotto ai Gamberi ($18.00) has shrimp, gorgonzola cheese, parmigiano, mushrooms, roasted tomatoes with Arborio rice. This was cooked really well, and almost too soft, but not quite. Just on the border. I didn't taste much gorgonzola unfortunately, but overall the dish tasted great with especially buttery shrimp.
I had the Veal Sorento ($18.50) with veal scallopini, eggplant and melted bocconcini cheese. The veal was really thin and tasted good with the eggplant and the sauce. The spaghetti was perfectly al dente.

Overall everything was done well so it was a positive experience.

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