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Skyview Fusion Cuisine

Posted: 02/18/15

Skyview Fusion Cuisine

Restaurant: Markham Skyview_Fusion_Cuisine

Nelson: Didn't even know there was a Chinese restaurant in this area, this was my first time here. We start with a soup, that isn't the regular Chinese soup. It was apple flavoured! And it was good! Really good!
We tried the Peking Duck here and it comes with all the standard garnishes. They extra little touch that I loved here was the embedded garlic in the wraps. What a great idea!
This particular duck had a lot of fat. Yes, it was delicious.
The assembled wrap pre-wrap.
This is surpisingly a completely vegetarian dish with an insane variety of mushrooms.
The second portion of the duck came with a really nice plum sauce. It was meaty and fatty. Usually I don't like serving the second course of duck this way, but this one was great. Still lots of meat leftover.
This pork dish came out hot. It had an excellent flavour too with the old vinegar.
This fish dish was huge and even had two tofu types. Then the vegetables and pork make it even better, not to mention the yummy pieces of fish. But by far the best part is the raosted garlic. So good!
Dessert was a sweet bean soup. Overall, really good cooking, so I would definitely come back here again!

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