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Hinote Sushi

Posted: 02/17/15

Hinote Sushi

Restaurant: Hinote_Sushi

Nelson: Hinote sushi is one of the better sushi restaurants in Mississauga, even though it is run by Koreans. We came here and sat at the bar on Valentine's. We are greeted with some miso soup to start without prompting. Nice!
If you like large rolls, this is your place. It's good and bad because you get a lot of fillings, but it is difficult to eat. This is the dynamite roll ($11.95) and has tempura shrimp, avocado, cucumber, crab meat and tobiko (roe). Yes, that's TWO tempura shrimp, because one is just not enough. Then add crab, because why not?
This Sunshine roll ($12.96) is tuna and chopped tomato mixed in spicy sauce on top of California roll. Confirming my suspicions, the tomato on sushi doesn't go well together. Found out the hard way I guess.
This the dragon roll ($14.95) with unagi, asparagus, cucumber, crab meat and covered with avocado. I think this is the nicest and coolest looking dragon roll I've seen. The romaine lettuce gives off a nice effect to accentuate the green scales which are themselves accentuate by the brown sauce. Not only did it look good, but it also tasted really good too.
We ended the meal with a bit of green tea ice cream.

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