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I love Nutella

Posted: 02/16/15

I love Nutella

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Nelson @NutellaUSA: One of my absolute #favourite foods in the world is #Nutella. The smooth chocolate and hazelnut taste is perfection. I hear it is really high in calories too, but that makes sense considering how good it tastes. I can just stick my fingers into a jar and lick them clean and be in heaven.

I also try all sorts of different spreads from around the world. Lellacream I think is from Italy, Nutkao is from Northern Italy, Penotti from the Netherlands, Nussa from Switzerland. Compliments is a discount Canadian brand, but is unique because it is a crunchy variety. I think the crunch works better in peanut butter, as this one wasn't that good. Or maybe that's because it's the Compliments brand.

The Lellacream, Nutkao and Nussa all have a duo version with "white chocolate" spread. I don't find it to be as good as the dark stuff as it's a bit like icing cream which brings the sugar without the flavour of chocolate or hazelnut. It's still pretty good for variety. The Penotti had a caramel complement and although it had more flavour, I still think the best is simply Nutella. I love Nutella.

Plus if the zombie apocalypse ever occurs and you had time to grab only one food item from your pantry, you best bet in terms of nutrition per unit of weight is probably Nutella.


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