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Indian At Home

Posted: 02/15/15

Indian At Home

Restaurant: none

Nelson: After stopping by Paramount Meats, a gorgeous Halal butcher that is clean and neat, we had to try something. They have a lot of premarinated meats and we tried this spicy Tandoori chicken leg. We didn't have anything to go with though. We happened to stop by Whole Foods as well and looked for some paneer. We could only find this package from Patel's, a premade palak paneer. So we tried it.

The result doesn't look very appetizing. The actual paneer is not very much and the resulting product was quite oily. I would probably not get it again.

The chicken was great though, and if you are looking for a fancy Halal butcher, this is probably you best bet. We finished the meal with some naan and curried vegetables.


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