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Mekong River

Posted: 02/14/15

Mekong River

Restaurant: Mekong_River Toronto

Nelson: This is a highly rated #Thai place in #Etobicoke so one day we checked it out. We started with the mango salad and we got chicken and shrimp on it as well ($12.50). Yup, those meats are totally unnecessary because this salad is huge. Mango salad can be hit or miss, but this one the fruit was ripe and sweet with a sauce that wasn't too sour. This was the best dish of the night. I wonder if logistically it is difficult to always have ripe mangos on hand.
This is their pad thai dish ($11.50 with shrimp). No ketchup used and not that sweet thankfully and instead the taste was a bit "smokey". Really it means it was in the very hot pan exposed to high temperatures, but that's a good thing.
Lastly this is the red curry even though it looks yellow in the picture. I had the beef version ($10.50) and the beef is the thinly cut variety. The sauce had a lot of good flavour, but it felt a bit overcooked and my guess was it was sitting out in the broth for a while. I enjoyed the flavour.

Now that I'm relatively close to here, I may become a regular customer!

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