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Scaddabush - Mozzarella and Pasta!

Posted: 02/13/15

Scaddabush - Mozzarella and Pasta!

Restaurant: Mississauga Scaddabush

Nelson @SCADDABUSH: Back here already and for fresh #mozzarella. Like I mentioned last time they make the mozzarella fresh daily. This version is called Pingue Prosciutto with focaccia crostini, fig jam, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt ($15.98). The mozzarella was wonderful with a very soft texture that went perfectly with the sweet jam and crusty bread. The meat adds some saltiness to the proceedings. But the mozzarella is definitely the star of this dish.
Here are some Italian beers they had on tap, Peroni and Birra Moretti. They were lager and tasted as such.
Here is the charity bread which proceeds go to a local charity, but has since been discontinued. Go (tasty) idea while it lasted.
Baked Carbonara ($10.93 for small) with Parmesan cream sauce, smoked bacon, scallions, garlic, black pepper, soft poached egg and fresh penne. This is a seemingly tiny portion (look at the size of the spoon), but it was so heavy that it fills you up. Carbonaras usually have the bacon fat as part of the cream sauce and I'm sure this is the case here. It was an ok dish overall if you like cheesy heavy fatty pasta dishes.
Lastly is the Berkshire sausage ($12.56 small) wth roasted grape tomatoes and garlic, baby spinach, Berkshire sausage, fresh penne tomato ragu. The tastes in this dish are so fresh and light. It had a lot of meat, which is more like ground up pork, or bits of sausage, but it was spread throughout nicely . The pasta was cooked perfectly and tasted very fresh. Great dish!

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