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Simpson's Donut

Posted: 02/08/15

Simpson's Donut

Restaurant: Orlando Universal_Studios

Nelson @TheSimpsons: At @UniversalORL, there is a Simpsons themed area that is as close to fictional Springfield as it exists on earth. They have a Moe's Tavern complete with locally brewed Duff's Beer. So many great photo ops in this area, a must visit for anyone that is a fan of the Simpson's. They had a Krusty burger, which I unfortunately did not try because I was full and didn't know this existed. What we ended up trying is the huge donut from Lard Lad, from the famous statue with the pink frosting donut held high. How did it taste? Much like a regular donut, except this one was huge and we split it among the 6 of us. Just for the novelty of the experience it was totally worth it. Besides the Transformer's ride being the best ride I've been on in my life, my second favourite part of Universal Studios was the Simpson's area. Fun!


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