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Best Mexican I've Ever Had

Posted: 02/07/15

Best Mexican I've Ever Had

Restaurant: Agave_Azul Orlando

Nelson: I had to come back to Agave Azul just for the masa corn tacos. But first let's start with the free nachos....which were amazing. I don't know what is in the white sauce, but whatever it was, I'm pretty sure it was crack. It was that addictive. I think it was ranch, sugar, milk and pickled jalepeno according to the waiter at least. Still so delicious that we brought some home to our hotel. The salsa had a strong cilantro flavour that I didn't like that much.
What else goes well with these amazing free nachos? Guacamole Fresco ($6.99)- made to order with freshly diced avocados, onions, cilantro, tomatoes, jalapenos, fresh lime juice, lightly seasoned with garlic salt, black pepper and olive oil. This was so fresh and because it didn't have much cilantro I loved it. The nachos themselves are crunchy and a tad oily and of course very tasty. Delicious.
For drinks we tried the centenario house margarita witih Azul Centenario Reposado Tequila, Gran Gala, Triple Sec, orange juice ($6.25 regular on the left and $8.99 large on the right). We had them served frozen and despite how cold it was it still was very strong, but it still tasted really good. I liked the prefrosted glasses, which were a nice touch.
Puerto Vallarta fish tacos - fresh tilapia fillet breaded in their spicy batter stuffed inside two flour soft tacos. Filled with cabbage, lettuce, pico de gallo, avocado slices, cotija cheese adn chipotle mayo ($9.99). As always fish tacos are delicious and really well made. The batter was excellent and the pieces of fish were huge. And for only $10!
My favourite and apparently a Mexican staple are the Al Pastor Street Tacos - marinated pineapple adobo pork inside three homemade masa corn tacos, topped with onions and cilantro. Served with charro beans and hot salsa on the side ($9.25). The meat is saucy and flavourful with sweetness and spiciness coming through nicely from the tender pork. The corn masa tortillas, which are made in house were really really good, but not quite as absolutely mind-blowing as last time. I think the difference was that these had cooled down a little bit and weren't quite as fresh as they were the last time I had it in an empty restaurant where I know it was made a minute before it was served. Still delicious though and I would definitely come back just for these.
Pollo Relleno - grilled chicken breast stuffed with ham and Mexican cheeses, topped with grilled onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, chipotle peppers and baked. Served with rice and refried beans with homemade flour tortillas ($14.25). This was a really large dish and the chicken was expertly cooked because it was still moist inside yet had a smokey flavour as well.. The sauce was delicious and overall it had a nice variety of ingredients, even ham! The rice was a tad hard and the refried beans were only ok.
These are the grilled version of the fish tacos as described above. I really thought the grilled version would be better, but the battered ones were better this time. Still so very tasty.
Lastly are the Tacos Carne Asada - perfectly grilled steak inside three homemade masa corn tacos, topped with onions and cilantro ($9.25). If I had to pick, this was the least best taco, but compared to Toronto, it still beats anything we can get here. It was nice and meaty enveloped in the delicious corn masa tacos. The beans not spicy or rich, but still pretty good. Maybe this is traditional Mexican beans instead of the sweet goop we get here?

This is the best Mexican restaurant I've been to. I'm no expert, but every dish I tried is good here and some are absolutely amazing. Plus the service is excellent, portions large and inexpensive. It's a rare case where they do everything right. Toronto lacks for quality Mexican food.

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