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Wolfgang Puck Express

Posted: 02/06/15

Wolfgang Puck Express

Restaurant: Orlando Wolfgang_Puck_Express

Nelson @WolfgangBuzz: @WDWDowntown (Downtown #Disney) is a great idea as it is almost a place for adults, but friendly for kids as well. It's a large outdoor area full of restaurants and shops with a touch of Disney, but independent restaurants and brands. The only problem is that they were too successful and parking is a nightmare and good luck finding a table at peak dining hours.After checking seemingly every restaurant we ended up at Wolfgang Puck's restaurant because it was not a formal sit down restaurant and therefore didn't have as long as a wait. We did end up snagging a table in the end as the service was super slow. The people working the counter were not thinking about efficiency as perhaps their job was to keep a line going out the door at all times.

I didn't order all these, but decided to throw in the pictures anyways. I think this is a Turkey soup and it came with a nice pastry too.

This is a Mexican or South American tomato based soup. It was like eating a tomato sauce and/or a salsa, but it was still pretty good.
They had what appeared to be a wood burning oven here so this is a tomato and basil pizza. The crust was too thick for my liking, but the toppings were decent.
This is my half chicken and although well cooked it had very little flavour. Mine had sauce for reason with a rosemary twig to boot, but someone else ordered the exact same thing and theirs didn't have the sauce or the rosemary. Very inconsistent service and not a good sign for a restaurant business.
This pizza had goat cheese, tomatoes, pesto and sun dried tomato. The goat cheese flavour was strong, but I liked the crust here as it was cooked better than the previous one. Another inconsistency.
Last is a simple chicken soup. Disney did too good of a job in creating Downtown Disney and there are too many people here. I suppose that's a good problem to have.

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