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Cafe Tu Tu Tango Part 2

Posted: 02/03/15

Cafe Tu Tu Tango Part 2

Restaurant: Cafe_Tu_Tu_Tango Orlando

Nelson @CafeTuTuTangoFL: I neglected to mention the "award-winning" sangria that we tried from their authentic recipe from Barcelona, we tried the white wine which also has fruit juice, Spanish Brandy, triple sec, gin and fresh fruit ($22 for a bottle). Served in a mason jar with handle of course.
Argentinian style orange chimmichurri steak with beef tenderloin skewers and lemon-manchego grits ($9). This meat was so very tender and rare that it melted in my mouth. The best dish of the night, I wonder how to make beef so mouthwatering delicious. Is it the kind of beef that is bought, the marination or the way it is cooked? Or a combination of all three?
Oriental Marinated Steak Skewers with chili udon noodles, ginger-soy aioli ($9). This beef was also nicely cooked, but just a tad tougher than the previous one. It also had a more grilled flavour that differentiated it. The noodles had a lot of strong flavours and tasted sweet, sour from vinegar and definitely salty. Didn't really taste the chili part of it though.
Pork Belly Reuben witih fennel, chili and thyme marinated roasted pork belly, house-made sauerkraut, chef T's thousand island dressing, pretzel bun, German style bacon-infused fingerling potato salad ($10). Whew, a lot of ingredients! The pork belly was the star here lending a nice rich flavour with a hint of spice. Inventive dish that worked.
Cuban sliders, with capicola, genoa salami, pulled pork, spiced pickled cucumbers, swiss cheese, yucca fries, Peruvian huancaina sauce ($8). I think the difference between a good and bad Cuban is sandwich the type of pickle used. It was served properly warmed up and this was one of the best dishes of the night, probably second to the beef. There is something about cuban sandwiches that I am predisposed to liking.
An inventive combination, this is a Korean marinated chicken osso bucco "wing" with ginger, hoisin, garlic, chili, marinated chicken confit, corn bread and sambar butter ($11). This meat was also very tender, so tender that it didn't taste like chicken wing. Wait a second, after rereading the title, I finally figured out it was meat to taste like osso bucco and is actually a confit which explains things. The tastes were very Asian with a vinegeary flavour that I really liked.
For dessert we tried the chocolate calzone ($9) which is fresh baked and filled with white and dark chocolate served with vanilla gelato and whip cream. It was very messy to eat and hard to split among 6 people. Interesting idea, and it was more crepe-like than anything, but I'm not a huge fan of dessert and was only ok for me.

Overall a really interesting setting for a restaurant that achieves the atmosphere it sets out recreate. The dishes are inventive as they mix foods from all of the world and fuse them together. Some hits and some misses, but definitely an interesting fun meal.

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