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Cafe Tu Tu Tango - Alligator and Frog

Posted: 02/02/15

Cafe Tu Tu Tango - Alligator and Frog

Restaurant: Cafe_Tu_Tu_Tango Orlando

Nelson @CafeTuTuTangoFL: Billed as a Spanish artist's loft, the colours and vibrant atmosphere as soon as you walk in is on display. Even the tables and plates are colourful and eclectic.
There are artists set up selling their art. It was neat watching them and perusing their work. There was a banjo and clarinet player going around the tables playing some music as well. Weird combo, but it worked. There was even a "free" tarot card reader. We learned that free meant give a tip of $10-$20 for a reading.
The menu is varied with many choices of cuisine inspired from places all over. We started with a alforno roasted pears with pecan crisps, crumbled bleu cheese, arugula ($7). The crisps were nice and reminded me of phyllo more than pecan. Sounds like it should be better, but was only ok overall when considered together despite the individual ingredients being good themselves.
This is Gaudi flatbread with local Florida goat cheese, ricotta salada cheese, hazelnuts, leeks, dates, balsamic reduction and watercress for $11. I really enjoyed the nice light goat cheese on here.
Closeup of the Gaudi flatbread.
They use local ingredients, so this means alligator! These are spiced alligator bites with local central Florida wild gator meat with key lime mustard ($8). They were nicely spiced and flavoured but the meat was a tad tough. The sauce made these even spicier, which I liked.
Once again another local ingredient, this is the Florida frog legs with local wild Florida frogs legs, parmesan spoon bread, charred tomato and brandy sauce ($11). I thought these looked like chicken and as it turns out, they also tasted like chicken. They were nicely battered, but inside there are a lot of tiny bones. The bread peeking out from underneath was moist inside, almost like an under-cooked cornbread.

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