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USA Chicken McNuggets

Posted: 01/31/15

USA Chicken McNuggets

Restaurant: McDonalds Orlando

Nelson: The start of my Orlando trip and of course we end up at McDonald's first. Well 20 nuggets for $5 can't be beat, so I'm not complaining. Plus all the sauce are actually pretty good. My favourite by far is the spicy buffalo as it has so much flavour, but unfortunately isn't that spicy. Next favourite is the tangy barbeque, then honey mustard and the rest somewhere below. I know it's a different meat and preparation in Canada and that is why it is so much cheaper in the USA, but yeah, the price is SOOOO much cheaper that it makes me buy McNuggets every time I'm in the US.

You can see in the background we tried a BBQ Ranch burger. Those are tortilla chips on top, but I didn't notice them much since they were pretty soggy. I just had a tiny bite, so I couldn't really form much of an opinion.


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