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Dragon Boat's Peking Duck...pole

Posted: 01/27/15

Dragon Boat's Peking Duck...pole

Restaurant: Dragon_Boat_Fusion_Cuisine Richmond_Hill

Nelson: Chinese food can be boring sometimes in photos, but Dragon Boat strives to have interesting presentation. This one counts as interesting and bizarre. This is the platter for serving Peking duck pancakes, but what is around it? Let's see...strawberries, cherry tomatoes, raisins, grapes, cantaloupe and MARSHMALLOWS! What in the what what?
Then to cut the skin from the Peking duck, they stick the duck on a huge pole. I suppose it ensures that the duck is securely attached to the pole to make the delicate cutting process easier, but I feel sorry for the duck.
Disregarding the presentation, the duck itself is delicious and really well made here. Yum!
This shot shows off the candles that keep the crepes/wraps warm. It's a good idea, but I don't know whether the other ingredients are necessary. Maybe they bought these sets and couldn't figure out what to fill the trays with? We ran out of the standard green onion and cucumber, so maybe an idea would be to include more of these mainstay ingredients? I'm not sure what else would go well here, but almost anything would probably go better than the ingredients they picked here. Maybe they are supposed to be eaten separately, as that's the only way it makes sense to me.
This is a tofu dish. It looked promising, but unfortunately it was too dry and had a bit of a weird taste that I couldn't place. I still think my mom makes the best version of this dish (or similar dish).
This is a beef dish that I hadn't tried before. The beef was extremely tender and had a great flavour to it. The only criticism would be that it had a bit too much fat.
This is a heated pot with a bunch of goodies inside. It had an excellent variety as you can see from the picture, but it also tasted really good. It is almost Cantonese Fried Noodles without the noodles.
Vegetable dish with tofu. I don't like this type of tofu that much, but having extra items on the vegetables is a nice bonus.
Underneath all that vegetable and tofu is a fried fish. The fish was a tad bony, but it had a good flavour and it was cooked well. A nice way to mix it up from the regular steamed fish and this also looks cool.
The second course of the Peking duck. I love this dish and this one was very good. The crunch, the saltiness and the duck flavours are so good in this dish and when wrapped in lettuce becomes heavenly.
Some dessert of goji berries in jelly and almost cookies.
Lastly is the red bean soup. Dragon Boat Fusion Cuisine is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Toronto in my opinion because they at least make some effort on the presentation to go with the excellent cooked food. Maybe not all their choices work, but at least they are trying to innovate. I feel like it's a good place to take non-Chinese people to (ie clean), while still satisfying the tastes of Chinese people.

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  • Did you try adding the marshmallows to your Peking duck wrap? hehe
    dre @ 2015-01-27
  • Didn't even think about doing it, although in hindsight, maybe I should have just to see what it was like
    Nelson @ 2015-02-02

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