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Posted: 01/25/15


Restaurant: Mississauga Scaddabush

Nelson @SCADDABUSH: Within walking distance of my condo, this restaurant replaced the Alice Fazooli's. I thought Alice Fazooli's was ok for a chain Italian restaurant, nothing spectacular, but solid enough that I would go back multiple times. I would say Scaddabush is similar, but with even better food - which means I go back there even more!

This is the Charity Bread ($2) which is a crusty Italian bread, rosemary, garlic and lots of butter wrapped up in parchment paper and freshly baked. The neat part is that net proceeds go to a local charity! What a great concept! I think they've since eliminated this item from the menu, but I liked it and ordered it when I saw it. It was very oily and fatty and absolutely delicious.

This is a must order every time I visit, this are the osso bucco bites ($9.93) which are Italian dry spice pork, papardelle crisps, chili rosemary honey and grana padano. I think it is similar to the one Alice Fazooli's had before, but I can see why they would retain should a great tasting dish. The tender meat is flavoured sweet and salty that is bursting with flavours. On some pieces there are even bits of marrow to suck out! Even though I chipped my tooth while eating this dish, I still get it every time I go!
I had a Alfa Romeo pizza ($14.86) consisting of gorgonzola cheese, pears, bacon jam, mascarpone cream sauce, fresh mozzarella and basil ($14.86). Unfortunately I think the gorgonzola made the pizza a bit too salty. I did enjoy the cheese on here though, but overall this pizza was a tad dry. Some improvements can be made here.
But the neatest thing about eating pizza here is they serve it with pizza scissors. What a great way to cut up the pizza!
This the Spaduch ($10.29) with melted fresh mozzarella, focaccia crostini, garlic, anchovies and lemon caper butter sauce. Warning: you must like anchovies if you order this dish. The anchovies by far overtake everything in this dish in addition to making it way too salty. I'm not a big fan of anchovies, but if you do like anchovies, I would imagine this would be a great dish. The crostini is definitely crunchy and adds texture, but there isn't much - if any - mozzarella. They advertise that their mozzarella is made fresh daily and I would have loved more of it in this dish. I have been back to have it and it is great, but not that much of it made it into this dish unfortunately.
The lovingly describe the care they take in making their half pound meatballs so we tried a spaghetti and meatball with Sunday sauce, garlic chips and basil. They also brag how their pasta is made fresh in-house daily so this was a great dish to try both of their freshest items. The pasta was incredible, fresh and cooked to perfection. Good job! The tomato sauce was great too. The meatball is Angus beef blended with ricotta cheese, black pepper, porcini mushrooms and parsley. It was nicely moist with a good texture and delicious taste. Such a seemingly simple dish on paper, but when executed well as it is here it can be amazing.

So I would recommend sticking with the pastas, mozzarella and don't forget to order the osso bucco bites. You'll see shortly that I've been back here several times.

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