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Song Cook's Again

Posted: 01/19/15

Song Cook's Again

Restaurant: Richmond_Hill Song_Cooks

Nelson: Song Cook's is my goto Korean place in the North York area. It helps that they are quite large and parking is convenient at this location, although it is impossible to find from the street. Maybe the fact that it is hard to find is a feature though.

Unlike most Korean places, I wouldn't say the appetizers here are very good or plentiful for that matter. I find the kimchi and the yellow radish too sour for my liking, but I like the tofu and bean sprouts.

This is the Jim KalBi, a must order here because when it is good, it is an amazing dish and the highlight of the meal. But unfortunately sometimes it's not that good and becomes one of the worse dishes of the meal. The difference between good and bad is how tender the meat is and how flavourful it is. Maybe it is related to how long they were able to cook it? This time it wasn't very good and we were disappointed.
This is breaded pork cutlet with a Korean sauce on top. Surprisingly despite the red colour, the sauce isn't spicy and more sweet than anything. I didn't like it because the sauce makes the pork cutlet less crispy and really didn't complement the pork that well. Oh well, personal taste I suppose as sauce lovers would probably think this is an improvement.
Pork bone soup. We always eat family style here and this dish is almost impossible to share. You take one bone, which might be half the bowl and chew on it, while leaving whatever is left to others and not getting much of the delicious soup. Koreans, is there a better way to eat this dish in a group setting?
We always order the Ja Jang Myun here and it always seems like there is too much topping leftover. Maybe they don't give enough noodles or maybe the topping is too flavourful and people don't need more noodle to balance it out, but this is one dish that is often boxed up. It tastes great the next day so no complaints.
Lastly is the seafood pancake which is great here because it is stuffed with seafood and very thick. I like it! Overall, I like this authentic Korean restaurant as I seem to keep coming back to it.

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