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New Generation Sushi - AYCE Teppanyaki!

Posted: 01/15/15

New Generation Sushi - AYCE Teppanyaki!

Restaurant: New_Generation_Sushi Vaughan

Nelson: I'm a sucker for free meals for your birthday and that's how Kitty and I ended up here on her birthday. New Generation Sushi is really unique because they have AYCE sushi AND teppanyaki. I've never encountered that before in my life, although they call it "All You Can Taste" ($29.95 for weekdays and $31.95 for weekends). It was a weekday with very few customers, so it felt like we had a personal chef.
We started the meal off light with seaweed salad and miso soup. Why not as this is AYCE.
We ordered this sashimi platter to get us started. Interestingly they have cooked shrimp "sashimi" that are just sticking up at the back. The interesting ones were the rolls with cucumber in them. Otherwise the salmon sashimi wasn't that fresh and overall I wasn't impressed with the sashimi. Maybe I went on a bad day.
I like ordering edamame as something to snack on. Not pictured (was too blurry to use) is the takoyaki which was overcooked.
These sauces were included, I think to dip the meat into. A bit strange, but doesn't hurt to have them available. The one on the left is I think mayo based while the one on the right is miso based.
So the Teppanyaki includes: sirloin steak, chicken teriyaki, scallion & garlic sirloin roll, short ribs teriyaki, salmon, tiger shrimp, calamari, wild mushroom, mixed vegetables, fried noodle and fried rice. These are the vegetables and a really good selection of mushrooms. That was a nice unexpected touch.
The tempura shrimp were ok. Their menu is not the biggest, but it does have Korean, thai, vegetarian, noodles, curry and plenty of Japanese appetizers.
Here is the sirloin steak, which was cooked really well. You can also see a bit of short rib which was appropriately fatty ie not too much, not too little. The beef is good here.
Here is an action shot of the chef making the fried rice. The teppanyaki chef was really skilled at performing tricks and showing off skills such as catching an egg and cracking it on the blade. Neat! The fried rice was good.
Here is the rest of the meat that just kept coming faster than I could eat it. The squid was excellent and had just the right amount of smoky flavour to it. The salmon was nice and crispy on the outside with a tender interior. The chicken breast and shrimp weren't as good, but still decent. But the best items was the beef rolled around garlic (not pictured). It tasted so much of garlic and it was wonderful. I would come back just for that! Yum!
Even though we were pretty full from the teppanyaki alone we decided we had to make use of the AYCE aspect of the meal so we ordered a spider roll. It was a bit small and lacked in flavour and texture so it was a little disappointing.
Green tea ice cream to finish off a really filling meal.

Now even though we were full, in our situation it was tough to make the teppanyaki part AYCE. The chef brings out all the ingredients at the beginning and starts cooking them. Right when he is done cooking and you are eating it's hard to judge what more you could want to order as there is a heaping pile of food still in front of you. To make matters worse since we were the only customers it would seem impolite to ask him to come out and cook say two more garlic beef rolls just for us. So we didn't order more teppanyaki and take advantage of the AYCE aspect, but perhaps with more customers around us, it would be easier to ask for more. It is a lot of food to eat already, so I wonder how many people actually take advantage of it. Overall, their teppanyaki especially the beef is miles better than their sashimi offerings. It is a bit pricier than most AYCE Japanese places, but they do offer the unique AYCE teppanyaki - if you can take advantage.

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