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Smash Brunch

Posted: 01/11/15

Smash Brunch

Restaurant: Markham Smash_Kitchen_and_Bar

Nelson @SmashKitchen: I'm not totally obsessed with brunch as it seems most people are, but I do find it enjoyable the rare times I do go. At Smash Kitchen and Bar, I ordered the Smash Benedict with 2 poached eggs, pulled pork, brisket, cheddar cheese, gravy, English muffin and sm'hash browns ($13). Eggs Benedict is a frequent order for me since it is difficult to make at home. This version was quite heavy for a breakfast meal but it was tasty. It didn't really seem like a egg benedict though with no hollandaise and the pulled pork and gravy overpowering the egg. Still it was tasty and filling.

Kitty had the Eggs Benedict with peameal bacon and hollandaise sauce. Well made and enjoyable to eat. Decent food here on this trip at least, but the next time wasn't as good. That post to perhaps a year?

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