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Kingyo Again, Part 2

Posted: 01/09/15

Kingyo Again, Part 2

Restaurant: Kingyo Toronto

Nelson @Kingyotoronto: This cool looking dish is stone grilled beef tongue ($10.20). Even though I tried it last time I thought it was worth having again.
The stone is really hot and it helps that the beef tongue is cut so thinly making it easier to cook. The meat is extremely lean and flavoured nicely.

Grill Grill Grill!

Cooked Cooked Cooked! Eat Eat Eat!
This dish reminds me of Japan the most. This is the Kyoto style Shojin assortment ($18) with shojin (vegan Buddhist monk recipe) style 9 kobachi bowls and they only have 10 sets on hand a day. I didn't catch everything that was served, but I'll try to describe them. Top left is taro balls deep fried which was one of my favourites. Top right is deep fried tofu, bottom right is corn crisp, which was interesting and tasty, potato stew is bottom left and seaweed salad in the middle.
Continuing the awesome variety of this dish is King oyster mushroom on the bottom, Chinese broccoli on the left, Chinese cabbage on the right and tofu with miso on top. Really creative dish and the variety makes it so fun to eat with each bite bringing something new. I highly recommend this dish.
This is the stone bowl pork kakuni don ($9.20) with sweet Japanese slow stewed pork belly on rice served in a stone bowl. Surprisingly the pork belly was not fatty at all and more like a pork shoulder. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing, but what I do know is that this dish had excellent flavours with each element complementing the others. Hard to achieve, but this one really executed.
To fill us up we ordered from the season menu a Tonkotsu shoyu ramen with rich tonkotsu soup made from scratch with hearty toppings such as pork chashu, green onion, pork fat, bamboo shoot, nori seaweed, boiled egg and roasted garlic oil ($10.80). It was nice and warm and delicious filled with ingredients, but I must admit it was a bit dumb trying to share this dish among four.
Lastly, the dessert that looks like a flower arrangement, but is actually frozen grapes. Perfect way to end a top notch meal

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