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Kingyo Again, Part 1

Posted: 01/07/15

Kingyo Again, Part 1

Restaurant: Kingyo Toronto

Nelson @Kingyotoronto: After seeing my initial post my parents wanted me to take them there. So we start with the Tako Wasabi ($4.20) which is described as diced octopus marinated with wasabi stems and sea kelp, served with seaweed paper. We opted for the raw and cooked option, but as it turns out the raw version was a mistake as it was unpleasantly slimy by a bit. The wasabi flavour was very very strong and was the overwhelming dominating flavour.
You can see the raw version on the left and the cooked on the right. The servers were very nice and refilled our seaweed which is rare to experience at a restaurant.
This the assorted sashimi platter ($35) with 5 kinds of fish including east coast salmon, Japanese scallop from Hokkaido, Japanese red snapper (underneath the okra), Japanese yellowtail and red tuna sashimi from Hawaii (top). I love the presentation of this dish and you can see the little details such as the carrot cutouts are in the shape of a fish. Such attention to detail! The yellowtail was a little fishy but at the same time creamy. The snapper was my least favourite as the tough unchewable skin made it more difficult to eat. Speaking of which, the okra was deep fried and surprisingly crunchy. The tuna and salmon were good, but my favourite were the scallops with their delicate texture and texture standing out in a good way perhaps helped out by a hint of lime. Another great touch is the use of real wasabi as I can taste the difference.
The ever popular ebi mayo ($9.20) which is described as world famous kijngyo (typo????) ebi-mayo - deep fried prawn with chili mayo sauce. Nicely deep fried with just enough sauce and presented beautifully.
This was on their special menu and we thought it was interesting so we gave it a try. It is grilled snow crab legs served with spicy cod roe mayo and yuzu pepper paste ($16.80). I was expecting a big difference in preparation since it was grilled, not steamed or boiled, but this one turned out to be more similar than different. I mean they were still good, but I was perhaps expecting something more unique.
What made up for this dish were the excellent sauces. The cod roe mayo was delightful and normally would be the star, but I thought the yuzu ponzu was even more of a revelation because of how well it combined the citrus of the yuzu with the saltiness of the ponzu. It lent a fresh taste to an otherwise usually heavier flavour. Yum!

Stay tuned for part 2!

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