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(Almost) Typical Breakfast

Posted: 01/24/15

(Almost) Typical Breakfast

Restaurant: none

dre: We had some guests over for breakfast on Christmas Eve, so we dolled out a feast for them! The addition to our typical breakfast was bacon! We don't cook bacon that often because 1) I prefer breakfast sausages over bacon, 2) it really stinks up your house, and 3) what to do with all that bacon grease???

However, men seem to think bacon is one of the manliest meats, so Mike wanted to show off to his man friend and grunt over the bacon. (Okay, that didn't really happen, but I think if I wasn't there and it was just the 2 of them, there would be grunting over the bacon.)

We helped lower the smell of bacon by baking it in the oven. That helped, but our house did smell like bacon for a couple hours after.

Along with the bacon, we served breakfast sausages ("Isn't that redundant?" I had asked. Mike said, "Nooooo..never too much meat!"), hash browns, and pancakes! I think pancakes will be an addition to our weekend breakfasts instead of eating French toast all the time.

There was also some fruit that was leftover from a platter, so I served that as well.

As usual, I was too busy with the kids to take pictures and only remembered when everyone was almost done eating!


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