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Portuguese Chicken in Brampton

Posted: 01/14/15

Portuguese Chicken in Brampton

Restaurant: Brampton Churrasqueira_Nova_Esperanca

dre @ Williams Pkwy & Main: For a Christmas party, we decided to get catering instead of cooking everything or having a potluck. We tried to think of something different instead of the usual pizza or KFC or Chinese food. There are many Portuguese in Brampton, so a lot of Portuguese chicken places, so we decided on that. By chance, I was shopping at a toy store in a plaza and came across this place - Churrasqueira Nova Esperanca. I went in to inquire about catering and decided to try it out first before making a large order.

For $23.50, I ordered a full chicken with potatoes and rice. It was a lot of food! The chicken was tasty. The rice and potatoes were really good as well. I figured we couldn't go wrong with a large group order and I will definitely consider them again for another party.

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