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Richard & Ida Wedding

Posted: 01/03/15

Richard & Ida Wedding

Restaurant: Markham Shangri-la

Nelson: Seems like every year we visit Shangri-la Banquet Hall for a #wedding. When we considered them for our wedding we learned that every year they try to do something different so that people that come every year don't experience the exact same thing.

As almost all (Cantonese) wedding foods start out with, here is the suckling pig platter with jellyfish. You can see how crispy the pork skin is and it was good, but the jellyfish was not that good this time. It just didn't taste as fresh as it should have.

Here is a closeup of the crab claw. The surprising thing is that the insides were made of slightly different content than most I've had before. Not sure exactly what was different, perhaps less shrimp, but it wasn't necessarily worse, just different.
The seafood (shrimp and scallop) with sugar snap peas. I thought the fish roe was a nice touch to this fairly standard wedding dish.
The shark fin soup is something I don't wish to eat, but since it's already served I usually eat it under protest. The broth here was clear and there was just a small amount of shark fin, which is a good thing. This particular one tasted better overall than usual so good job by the chef as this dish usually isn't that good (ethics aside).
Vegetable and abalone. The veggies were better than the abalone as I've had better (even from the last time I was here)
Fried chicken was excellently cooked.
Double fish was ok, but still good as steamed fish is hard to screw up.
I thought the lobster was so-so, but then again I had some bad pieces so it is difficult for me to judge fairly.
To finish the meal and fill you up the Efu noodles and fried rice.
Dessert was jelly, sesame balls and pastries with lotus paste inside. I don't often see these pastries at Chinese restaurants.
This is the red bean soup that was hardly touched at my table.
Ida really loves Lego, so their cake topper was a cute Lego couple. You can see on the sides the Lego chefs "building" up the cake. What a great representative detail that really worked for this cake!

After the meal is a fruit selection which was a nice way to end the eating. Congrats guys!


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