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Happy New Year starts with Breakfast

Posted: 01/01/15

Happy New Year starts with Breakfast

Restaurant: Bounty

Nelson: #HappyNewYear! What's to eat in the New Year? First, gotta have #breakfast. We only make breakfast on the weekends. Or only go out to eat breakfast on weekends. First up is some frozen siu mai. It definitely doesn't taste as good as the restaurant, even though I'm pretty sure they cook theirs from frozen as well. Or maybe it's the specific brand we buy that isn't any good.
This is three sunny side up eggs with garlic bread. I don't remember if one person ate all three eggs or not, cause that's a lot!
This breakfast called the French Connection, is from Bounty a local family restaurant. Do you see why this is called the French Connection?
Another time we were here and pretty consistent, except bacon that is cooked more and sausage that is smaller. Regardless this is still a huge portion and we often have to bring some home even though this type of food is no good after spending time in the fridge.
This the normal breakfast that comes with pancakes. So much food!
Back home, this is the green onion pancake that we so love to eat in the mornings. Normally Kitty likes it when I scramble the eggs, but I actually prefer it not scrambled as this one is.
Lastly is this sad looking omelette. I don't quite have the flipping technique down, but perhaps my problem is having too much filling for the amount of egg used. Oh well.

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