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Greektown Dessert

Posted: 12/30/14

Greektown Dessert

Restaurant: Megas Toronto

Nelson: After a dinner with my parents we were passing by Greektown and we decided to stop for dessert. And what is the best Greek dessert? Baklava ($3.95)! This was a nice piece full of honey and a nutty filling surrounded by a flaky pastry. Delicious!
I had no idea what galaktoboureko is, so we ordered it ($3.95). Wikipedia tells me it is semolina custard in phyllo that is baked together. There wasn't too much phyllo in this one, but a lot of custard. I didn't like this one as much as say the baklava, but I thought it was worthwhile to try once.
Lastly is something I have surprisingly not tried before - Greek Yogurt ($4.95). I don't really like regular yogurt, but after tasting this Greek yogurt, I really like it! The taste is creamier, smoother, thicker and less sour when compared to regular yogurt.And then the honey makes it absolutely heavenly. It tastes light and fatty at the same time, with a side of sweetness. Never knew something so simple could be this good!

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