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Century Palace

Posted: 12/28/14

Century Palace

Restaurant: Century_Palace Markham

Nelson: My friends with kids like this restaurant because it is spacious and easy to bring kids to. And the food is decent too I guess. We ordered a set meal because it is easy in a large group.

Almost like a wedding menu, we start with the shrimp crab claw. Came out hot so it was good.

A seafood soup, obviously not shark fin, which is a good thing.
Peking duck. A bit strange how they have carrots to go with it and no cucumber. Not a good swap there, but the actual duck is good. The wraps were sticky and stuck to each other one, so they weren't very good here. Some simple things here could greatly improve this dish.
The lobster was much larger than expected and cooked well. I ate a lot of this as is typical when I go out to eat Chinese with people my age.
Fish and broccoli dish was decent. First time seeing broccoli used in this dish, but nothing wrong with that.
This is the second Peking duck course. Might be hard to tell from the picture, but there wasn't very much meat here and in an unexpected turn of events there were more lettuce wraps than required for the amount of meat. Bizarre.
Beef and Chinese broccoli. Mmmmm, meat tenderizer.
Lastly a red bean soup. Overall a pretty standard Chinese restaurant, with nothing bad so I can see us going back to it again.

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