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Posted: 12/26/14


Restaurant: Paramount Richmond_Hill

Nelson: This Chinese restaurant is upstairs inside Times Square in Richmond Hill and is quite large. Not that they compete with other giant lobster restaurants, but we did order a 4 lbs lobster from here. But first here is an eel dish. This was one of my favourites, not because it is eel, but because the sauce used is old vinegar. Plus it was cooked really well so that the meat wasn't tough or chewy.
This is a mixed seafood dish. It was ok, and whatever fish they used was fishy. Maybe that means that it isn't fresh or maybe it is the specific type of fish that they use.
This is a duck dish with a lot of taro underneath. I always think this dish has a lot of potential, but I never like it that much. The sauce in this case was a tad sour which I don't like and the duck itself is a bit tough. I wonder if there is a better version of this dish somewhere out there.
Here is the first serving of the 4 lbs lobster. You can see it is resting on taro chips, which were delicious. Overall a tad salty, but I enjoyed the lobster deep fried like this.
The second serving of lobster is one where it is soaked in wine. It was only ok. The cucumber seemed like a strange vegetable to go with the lobster and for me, it is not a good combination.
Clams with peppers. The clams tasted fishy (not fresh perhaps?) and the peppers were way under-cooked. Lot's of room for improvement here.
This is larger than it appears, but this rice with shrimp was one of the best dishes. The shrimp were huge and they tasted good. Plus the rice was good in this dish too. Yum!
This is the last course of lobster, which consists of just the lobster roe. It is cooked with egg and bean sprouts. I felt this dish was too salty and the egg too mashed up and overcooked. Interesting idea, but I think the execution could be better.
Looks like chicken, but is actually a stewed fish. I though this dish was so stereotypically Cantonese because it had the boiled peanuts, the beans and dates. Very similar ingredients to a soup. The ingredients aren't exactly my favourites, but I can see how other people would like this dish.
For dessert they had cookies and sesame balls along with a soup (not pictured). The cookies were good, but the soup was watered down and the sesame balls just didn't taste very good for some reason.

The eel, fried lobster and shrimp rice were really good, but everything else was uneven. So overall I would say that this Chinese restaurant isn't that good

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