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Stuffed Schnitzel

Posted: 12/24/14

Stuffed Schnitzel

Restaurant: Kitchener Metro

Nelson: It is one of the best places in Kitchener for schnitzels and I really should go more often. This time I was here for dinner which means a super filling meal. Partly because it starts with garlic bread and soup. This is the cream of potato I believe. This is already almost the size of some of my lunches.
The main course is a Franz-Joseph Schnitzel filled with mushrooms, mozzarella cheese and herb garlic butter. As if the schnitzel is not enough, there is also potatoes (I like the mashed here the best) as well as a salad (coleslaw). So that's a soup, salad and bread. Then meat and potatoes on top of that.
You can see that it is absolutely stuffed with cheese. This is a great variation on the normal flat schnitzel, but as you can see from the picture, they take the flat schnitzel and fold it upon itself to form this ball that is stuffed. This is a great combination and results in a delicious ball of meat oozing with cheese. Yum!

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