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The Keg for Kids

Posted: 01/10/15

The Keg for Kids

Restaurant: Brampton The_Keg

dre @thekeg: This is the first time we ordered a kid's meal from The Keg. For $10, you had a choice of several main courses. We knew Kristen wouldn't be able to eat the entire meal, but we weren't sure if she would like steak, so we got her something she would like.

All the meals come with a vegetable and fruit plate. Kristen gobbled up all the strawberries and oranges and crackers, and left the celery.

We got her chicken fingers. She ate one piece, and ALL the fries. I was amazed, but I guess who doesn't not like fries??

Also, in addition to the main, kids also get ice cream! Kristen had a couple of licks, but I ended up eating most of the ice cream! :)

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