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The Keg

Posted: 01/08/15

The Keg

Restaurant: Brampton The_Keg

dre @thekeg: I haven't had steak in a long long time, so one night, Mike and I made an excuse that we missed celebrating Mike's birthday back in August and decided to go to The Keg for that occasion.

It was a typical Keg meal for us and we got all our favourites.

Starting with their sour dough bread.

With their classic meals, the salad you can choose from is either Caesar or this iceberg wedge. I don't like Caesar salad, so I tried the iceberg salad. It had a nice crunch to it, but I enjoyed their house salad much better. I will ask for that next time and I hope they still make it!

I ordered a prime rib. I really should learned how to make this myself, but I am afraid of ruining an expensive piece of meat!

Mike got his New York steak done Chicago style. After trying this several times, I prefer it not to be charred on the outside and just have it done medium rare.

A delicious meal as I usually have a great experience at The Keg!

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  • I made three prime ribs over the holidays, it's not that hard and I don't even have a thermometer which is highly recommended. Just undercook it and if it needs more cooking cook it longer
    Nelson @ 2015-01-16

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