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Christmas Party

Posted: 01/04/15

Christmas Party

Restaurant: none

dre in Vaughan: We went to a company Christmas party where kids were invited as well. It was super extravagant and they had a circus theme. They brought in clowns, and people making balloon animals, had a magician and all other sorts of entertainment. But this blog isn't about the entertainment... it's about food! There was definitely A LOT of food as well!

Starting with appetizers. There were 4 large tables of food spread out, such as antipasto, soup, salad, grilled veggies, breads, cheeses, deli meats! I couldn't take a picture of the tables while holding a baby, so I took a picture of the food station I gravitated towards - the kid's stations! There was a poutine station, but I stuck with just fries. I also had lots of meatballs and mushrooms (which I think were for the poutine).

During the sit-down portion of dinner, we were served a seafood risotto to start. It was shrimps and scallops, and too seafoody for Mike, but I enjoyed it. It was very salty though.

The main course was a fillet mignon with vegetables on the side. By this time I was already very full, but I managed to eat this whole thing. It was really juicy and done to a medium.

Dessert was a trio of creme brûlée, cheesecake and a chocolate dipped strawberry. A light dessert for a heavy meal!

I believe there was a candy station as well, but we left before they opened it.


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