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Posted: 12/31/14


Restaurant: Brampton Osmows

dre @Osmows1: I didn't realize that Osmow's had so many locations until I went on their website. I thought they only had 2 - One in Streetsville and one in Brampton. On their website, they listed that they have seven locations all around the GTA!

Anyway, we went to the Brampton location for dinner one night. We decided to get the Osmow's Special - Marinated chicken breast grilled with onions, green peppers and pineapples. I don't know if it was late in the night, but I don't recall eating any pineapples in this dish. I did enjoy the dish as it was really tasty and Kristen especially enjoyed the French fries.

We also got the Chicken on the Rocks - Rice topped with chicken shawarma and special sauce. This "special sauce" tasted sweet and very fattening for you, but it was delicious! It is definitely not something you should have everyday as it would probably clog your arteries and cause heart disease, but man, it was so yummy!


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